Counseling Services

Individual Adult Psychotherapy- Client meets individually with therapist on a regular basis, typically weekly, to discuss issues client desires to change.

Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy- Child/Adolescent and therapist meet one-on-one on a regular basis, typically weekly, to discuss issues client or client’s parent desires to change. Child/adolescent psychotherapy often involves the client’s parents and other important people in the client’s life.

Couples Psychotherapy- The couple and therapist meet regularly to resolve issues that are negatively affecting the relationship.

Family Psychotherapy- Family psychotherapy can include all members of the family or only certain members. Family and therapist meet on a regular basis to resolve issues that are affecting the family unit and environment.

Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis, and Education- Therapist will assess client, diagnose client, and educate client about their mental disorder.

In-home Psychotherapy- Psychotherapy in the client’s home is available through some insurance companies and through private pay. In-home psychotherapy is useful for clients that are non-compliant, don’t have transportation, disabled, or children and adolescents that need to be seen in their own environment. This is a unique service that most clinicians do not provide.

Hypnosis An induced altered state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to directions.